Sunday, 15 November 2009

Mini book 2

So, what else did I make with my chandelier masterboard? A mini book, similar to the one I made at The ArtsyCrafts weekend (see Mini Book post on 26th October).

I started by accordion folding a 10 inch long piece of my masterboard into four. Once folded I drew on the shape of an arch using the chipboard arch (which is 2.5 inches wide) as a template. I then cut out the arch, ensuring to only cut down part way at the edges so that the arches would all be joined. I then cut two more arches in the same way. I put these aside for a while.

Next I decorated the front and back of the book, the two chipboard arches. After painting them with turquoise acrylic paint and letting them dry, I sprayed them with purple pansy and iridescent gold Glimmer Mists. After this had dried, I decorated them with Paper Artsy stamps and added faux stitching to the front arch.

I stuck the two arches to the back of the two middle arches of the folded set of four, making sure the book still folded properly. On the two blank arches I stuck the two decorated chipboard arches to form the front and back covers.

Once complete, I added some embellishments to the inside pages, which you can see below.

Here is a view of the back pages.


Nettie said...

gorgeous! have to make an accordian book sometime, the masterboard is very impressive!

Cheryl said...

this is great love it fab masterboard too love cheryl x

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