Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Metal Sampler

I am making the most of my last day of holiday and avoiding the rain by staying in and crafting. I started this metallic sampler last night and have just finished it.

I started off with a Tic Tac Toe set, an American version of noughts and crosses. The wooden frame measures 7 x 7 inches. I painted it, front and back, with Paynes Grey acrylic paint and left it to dry. To decorate the wooden squares, which measure just over 1.5 x 1.5 inches, I cut nine squares of metal, large enough to allow for the edges of the wooden squares to be covered. Some I embossed using TSS moulds, others using Cuttlebug embossing folders. I applied PolyFilla to the backs of the moulded areas to prevent them becoming depressed.

To apply the embossed metal to the wooden squares I stuck narrow, double-sided Red Line tape around the edges of the wooden squares. After centering the metal over the wooden square, I folded the edges of the metal over the edges sticking them to the tape. I then used a patterned TSS roller to edge the front and sides of the squares. At this point all the squares were a bit shiny and so I antiqued them using Paynes Grey acrylic paint, that is applying paint over the metal and after letting it dry for a short before rubbing it off again to leave a dark residue.

The last stage was to stick all the embossed squares into the indentations in the frame ensuring, of course, that they were all lined up and straight.

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