Friday, 27 August 2010

Packing tape transfers

Nowadays, I find it hard to sit in front of the TV without doing something, so a few evenings ago I tried making some packing tape transfers. For a first go they came out pretty well, I think, but I did learn that it does make a difference what kind of magazine is used. An old National Trust magazine doesn't give quite as good a result as an old copy of The Big Issue for example. The paper is thinner in the latter and it is much easier to get a transparent finish with it.

Start by sticking your chosen picture, face down, onto some clear packing tape. Try to make sure not to get any creases or bubbles in it. You can see the result of creases on the bottom left transfer! Burnish the paper well i.e. rub with a bone folder of spoon. Spray the paper with water until quite wet (some people soak the strips in a bowl of water for a few minutes) and then start gently rubbing the paper off the back of the tape with your finger. This does take quite a while, but if you have chosen a thinnish paper you should end up with a reversed, transparent image on your tape.

Duh .... I've just realised that I should have put them on a non-white coloured piece of paper and then you would have got more idea of the transparency. Oh well, next time!


missy k said...

This looks like fun.... I really want to give this another try.

What do you think is the best tape to use? Would it be from a craft supplier or DIY store?


Melanie said...

Hi Jackie, you inspired me to try this out today and I love it! It's a great technique! Thanks for sharing.

Faye said...

Great transfers. I wondered why some of mine turned out so crummy. I bet it was the magazine pictures I used. Sometimes I get good ones. (not great ones like yours.)

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