Monday, 2 August 2010

Grid lock

Having enjoyed using strips in my journals so much, I decided I would take a look at the previous GPP Street Team challenge. The theme was Grid Lock.

So I set to, and created two journal pages using grids. Here they are. The rectangles on the first one were cut from a sheet of scrap paper. I sprayed Glimmer Mist over a stencil and then stamped it and added the various embellishments.


The rectangles on my second piece were from a printed copy of a masterboard that I made quite a while ago. Again, I used a stencil, stamped the swirls and added the sticker quote.


michelle ward said...

Jackie - these are gorgeous! Love your colors and patterns. Since most of us did grids first, then we ripped, I'm curious to know how it felt to go the other way - ripped and random, then cut and aligned....did you prefer one over the other?

You said "this probable isn't allowed", but I am happy to have an artist take on any previous challenge, so bravo! And thanks for sharing. YOU ARE ON FIRE!!

Nan said...

Hi Jackie...These are really beautiful. I love the grid idea.
Thanks for sharing your art!

Quinn said...

The grid you created and then created in again with color and stencils is amazing. Thanks for showing us that!

(I finally discovered that people who have used WordPress blogs for several years get an error message if they try to leave a comment. I now sign in with Google.)

Susan King said...

I love these. Very nice. Calming colours, love what you did with the stencils.

Nettie said...


Some of my art