Monday, 7 December 2009

Round book

Having made the masterboards (see below), I decided to use them in one project. I made a mini-book using chipboard circles, 10.5 cm in diameter.
I cut the circles from the masterboards and stuck them to the front and back of the chipboard circles using matte medium, remembering to punch out the hole each time. When they were dry and trimmed I edged them with various colours of Krylon pen. Using my Crop-a-Dile I put an eyelet into all the holes. As a finishing touch, and to give the book a little bit of meaning, I added some words or phrases to the front pages.

Here is a picture of the whole book.

The front page.

The back of page 1 and the front of page 2.

The back of page 2 and the front of page 3.

The back of page 3 and the front of page 4.

The back of page 4 and the front of page 5.

The back of page 5 and the front of page 6.

The back of page 6 and the front of page 7.

The back of page 7 and the front of page 8.

The back of page 8.


gaby braun said...

Love the round book, the masterboards are great and of courso St. Nicholas. Great works!

joy said...

Oh, Jackie, your round book is wonderful! I love your masterboards (since I love Tim Holtz stamps and stuff!) and you have made such a darling little book with it all! Looks like you had a lot of fun during your down time.

Janny said...

Beautiful book!

Elizabeth Parsons said...

this is very nice- so funny- I have so many of the same stamps as you do!
thanks for stopping by my blog!

Uniquely Myself said...

Hello from Canada! These round books are just lovely!

WendyK said...

Lovely book Jackie

Some of my art