Saturday, 25 July 2009

Experimenting with paint

This morning I had fun playing with acrylic paint and this was the end result.

To start, I painted a piece of 10 x 7 inch watercolour paper with yellow acrylic paint. Once dry, I painted over it with a mixture of 1 part orange paint and 2 parts glossy gel medium. Before this dried I sprayed it liberally with water. After four minutes or so I dabbed off the remaining water with kitchen towel, thus revealing some of the yellow paint underneath. In the lower left and upper right corners I then transferred some text using gel medium, leaving a little of the paper behind for texture. I then dabbed bronze ink through sequin waste over these areas. Next I painted on the blue squares. Whilst wet, I used a coffee stick to draw patterns in the paint, revealing the orange paint underneath. I also added some swirls with the coffee stick and then edged the paper with the same blue paint. When dry, I daubed on some brown paint in some of the gaps. Once dry, I partially sanded these areas down to the next layer of paint. I then added some more yellow paint over the top, again dabbing it of with kitchen towel so that it wasn't too thick. When this was dry I stamped some Paper Artsy images and hey presto!

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libbyquilter said...

will you be using these for something or leaving as is?

love your results~!!~


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