Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Tags - Lynne Perrella style

I decorated these tags a while ago and forgot to post them! I started by glueing on some old book papers and the added the black & white figures (c/o Sherrie J Drummond) on top. I used blocks of Portfolio, water-soluble oil pastels to add the colour and then added the drips of ink.


Deborah said...

These could be Lynne Perrella originals, Jackie (I thought they were at first). Brilliant!

Craftychris said...

These are stunning! Such awesome use of colour - amazing! xxx

missy k said...

Fun tags... love these colours too :)

Those men look like interesting characters ;)

Karen x

johanna said...

wow, These look very very cool!!
and really reminding me to lynne perrella!

Some of my art