Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Another face!


April Cole said...

I love your face... :]

** great journal spread Jackie!

Craftychris said...

Love the expression on her face and the tear drop shapes in the background! xx

Deborah said...

A stunning page Jackie. said...

Thumbs up! said...

Jackie while I am in here. I have a book cover which I am making a book for Grandson.

Now Silly me noticed it has flowers on the cover. It is shiny.
Not a problem I can cover it.

Do I sand it down the cover if I am going to cover with all kinds of graphic material I have laying in a box.
Or can I just glue it and it will be okay to stick over the shiny cover? I have the paint I can do but was sort of iffy if it would dry.It says craft paint by Apple barrel colors.It says it contains solubale copper .I guess it is acrylic paint.Not sure it does not say. I know I have used it the bookpages and it is a tad shinny goldish paint. Not sure to go to the cloth to cover the flowers or the paint.So need your expertise?

Silvia(Barnie) said...

A beautiful face and a wonderful page.

Some of my art