Monday, 3 May 2010

Journal pages

We have a General Election in the UK on Thursday and last week I was watching the political leaders of the three main parties debate various issues. Of course, I couldn't just sit and watch, so I journalled at the same time. These are the pages that ensued.

P.S. I still can't help smiling at the wonderful photograph by Jeff Overs (BBC) that The Guardian had on its front page on Friday 30th April. Gordon Brown and Nick Clegg were both standing on their right legs with their left legs up in the air, whilst David Cameron was staring at the ceiling! Click here if you haven't seen it.


Nettie said...

the blah blah page made me laugh out loud: thanks! I am watching all the antics on sky-news, wondering how it will pan out later in the day

Cath Wilson said...

LOL, great photo :)) Had to go look. Seems you couldn't tear yourself away from the election stuff either - blah, blah, blah pages suit the mood perfectly :) Someone asked me why I was going to vote for one of them and told me he was a liar, to which I responded - 'They're all liars, that's the problem. We have to make the best of a bad job and that's NOT how it's supposed to be!' Kind of sums it all up...

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