Monday, 3 May 2010

Itinerary 18

The prompt from Art Journal Caravan this week was that we close our eyes and ask ourselves "What do I NEED to journal about this week?" and expect that the answer will come to you. Follow through with whatever comes to your mind no matter how dark, silly, humorous, cheeky, political, painful, religious or otherwise." Well, I closed my eyes for several periods and nothing came to me! This morning, however, I was lying in bed and the theme appeared, 'beauty and ugliness.' Two things we often see around us and, paradoxically, sometimes together. These thoughts led me to create these journal pages.

The pages started with watercolour diagonal stripes over which I applied thin patches of black & white gesso. I added some white paint around the edges and painted some over star-shaped, sequin like waste. Having stamped on some corner images I wrote my thoughts on the pages and drew the frame. It needed more, so I dragged some white gesso over some of the words, used highlighter pens for additional colour and sprayed Glimmer Mist through a number stencil. The finished product!

In complete contrast, this is my digital page:

Credits: A. Sexton & T. Baxter @ SBG

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