Thursday, 18 March 2010

Mini book

This project started out using mainly scraps. The pages are toilet roll holders flattened and embossed, sprayed with Adirondack Color Wash and some Glimmer Mist and rubbed over with some metallic paint.

I bound the pages together with my Bind-it-All and painted the open ends of the toilet roll holder inside with black paint. Once dry I stapled a small picture card into each of the openings.

I stuck some odds and ends that I had been saving onto each of the pages.

As a last embellishment, I tied several coordinating ribbons to the binding rings. Done! One mini-book made from toilet roll holders and, apart from the picture cards, scraps.


Debby said...

Well aren't your creative. This is so darned awesome, great idea. I love it.

Nettie said...

Wonderful Jackie! may have a go myself sometime ;o) you always inspire me {hugs}

Crafty Dawn said...

This is great. I saved some empty loo rolls to make one of these ages ago but never got round to it. I may just get them out (if I can find them lol) I love the embossing idea it's a true peace of grunge art from scraps love it

Love dawn xx

WendyK said...

Love this Jackie, wonderful use of loo roll holders. It's very grungy, great textures as well.

Linda said...

Wow...only just spotted this; excellent artwork - who would guess they were toilet tolls!!

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