Monday, 22 February 2010

Itinerary 8

The verb of the week from Art Journal Caravan is 'compose'. The thinking behind my mixed media pages was something like this: am I myself when I am composed or when I am not composed? I started with an acrylic paint background, added the paper image of the headless figure and some music (from a paper napkin), and then wrote on the pages using Sharpies. More colour was then added using water soluble oil pastels.

Moving onto to my digital work, I actually created two, quite different, pieces this week. Both were built up using different layers and then colouring parts that started out as black & white.

Credits: StudioTangie & Ztampf, both of Studio Graphics

Credits: StudioTangie & Ztampf, both of Studio Graphics


Nettie said...

Lovely work Jackie! I adore your compositions ;o)

The Scrappy Tree said...

Loving the colours on your AJC page :)
And how beautiful is that image of the lady in the background of your digital page! Gorgeous

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