Saturday, 13 February 2010

Itinerary 7

Here are my journal pages for this week. The theme from AJC is about sharing, with the challenge to try a new technique. Whilst I was at Tate Modern last week I found a postcard with journalling on it. The author had written over the photo, but leaving the main image free. So this is what I decided to do as my new technique; not very original, but new for me! 

This is my digital piece. Elements courtesy of StudioTangie and Birgit Kerr, both of Scrapbook Graphics. Double click on the heart to read the quote.

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Nettie said...

I am loving seeing your journal grow Jackie, these pages are fabulous and the work IS original as you have done it, no one else. I love how you write and colour your work. Looking forward to the next one! it's quite addictive this journalling, do you find that too?

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