Monday, 5 October 2009

Petite Marie

I have been following a second Suzi Blu course 'Petite Marie'. Another mixed media collage but this time with Marie Antoinette as the theme. I have to say, this wouldn't normally be my thing, but I decided to do it as a challenge to myself. Pastels are not normally colours I would choose and placing a swan in someone's hair just seems downright quirky, but I have learnt that one can learn new things from going out of one's comfort zone, so here she is!

Last time I used purified beeswax on my doll, so this time I used the natural wax, which tends to be yellower in colour. She is strangely different, but I have to say she is growing on me!

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Nettie said...

I love it! am having such fun browsing here ;o) you'll be fed up with all my comms!

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