Saturday, 13 June 2009

Experimental masterboard and graphics

Since starting my own blog I have been visiting the blogs of many others. Many I look at with great admiration. There is so much talent and I have gained so much inspiration - thank you. Ones that have intrigued me have been those that create digital collage or manipulate their art digitally.
My metatarsalalgia (very painful foot!) has come back, and so I am trying to avoid walking (not very easy) and so this seemed a great excuse for sitting at the computer.
Also, I have recently come across the magazine 'Stampers' Sampler', an American magazine that is far superior to the majority of our English ones, and in it they talked about a masterboard. If I understand correctly, the idea is to make a background, scan it and then it can be printed and used for further projects. So I decided to give it a go!
The first picture shows my scanned masterboard - made from strips of paper glued onto an A4 sheet. Gesso & acrylic paint applied in blotches. Once dry, I stamped added some images using Tim Holtz stamps.
Then I started to digitally manipulate my masterboard. All the images you see, except the first, have been digitally manipulated. You can see that I added some digital images of leaves, and then started playing with colour and texture. The penultimate picture shows a kaleidoscope view, which it is hard to believe comes from my original masterboard. The one I am most pleased with is the one with the digital image of the ballerina (from an iTkUpiLLi) added. I added it after I had changed the background by using the 'topographical' effect.
What do you think?
I have yet to use any of my backgrounds for a new project, that is the next step. Watch this space!

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veronica said...

like these - esp the very dark one. digital fiddling is not my scene (due to ignorance mainly) but admire thiose who can do it and end up with results like these

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