Saturday, 9 January 2016

My Documented Life - weeks 51 & 52

The challenge for the penultimate week was 'hidden journalling'. My journalling is very hidden, as I created a spread with journalling as its base, but then really hated the pages! So I added tracing  paper on top of the pages, so that my background only peeked through. I added the paint drips and the tags as focal points.

The challenge for the last week of My Documented Life was storytelling. I wrote about the past year and then covered it with paint, collage and stamping.

I feel I somewhat lost my mojo for the last two weeks of the project, but was glad I managed to actually complete it. Now, I look forward to a new year of creativity.

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sheila 77 said...

Goodness, Jackie, your creativity seems to be never ending, with so many styles and colour combinations.
This is another couple of pages I find really attractive, with the stripes and curves and circle motifs and with an interesting colour scheme too.

Some of my art