Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Less is more

One of my Christmas presents was the book '100 Girls on Cheap Paper' by Tina Berning. I realised that many of her faces are quite minimalistic, whilst looking so good. So, I took that as a challenge. Here are two of the results. The first one isn't great, but the second is better.


Anni - My Creative Life said...

Jackie you have made so many interesting pages with faces, I have always found faces very difficult to drawn, but hope to learn it because I have bought a video about it.

Deborah said...

Yes, the second has real expression to it. Will have to google the book - sounds intriguing,

Silvia(Barnie) said...

Yes, the second one looks better. Love the backgrounds.

Alex said...

I also like the second better, Jackie. Not only because of the face but also because of the beackground which I love.

johanna said...

if you email me your address i will send you a print of the "still. life". you can find my email on my blog.

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