Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Collage and Construct

 I've recently started taking one of Roben-Marie Smith's classes, 'Collage, Construct and Affirm'. I'm really enjoying it and am learning new things.

The first part of the course, obviously, is collage but it is doing it on canvas paper. I have to admit I hadn't heard of this before, but it's like canvas sheets that come in a pad.

Here is my collage (it looks a bit boring, but this is only the first layer). Although the pictures look the same size, the first two sheets are 20 x 16 inches and the third, 16 x 12 inches.

These pictures were taken before the glue was dry and so there are still some bubbles apparent. I didn't succeed in getting rid of all of them, but it is good to remove as many as possible.

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Deborah said...

it's always good to try new stuff and stretch yourself. Enjoy your classes - and I look forward to seeing the next layer.

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