Sunday, 24 February 2013

Wall hanging (8 x 6 inches)

I used two pieces of corrugated cardboard for my substrates for this piece. I painted them with Fresco paint and then stamped on top of them. I then added the pieces of waxed paper onto the larger piece of cardboard.  (I crumpled the larger pieces and swiped with Treasure Gold. The smaller pieces I painted before crumpling and adding the Treasure Gold.) I stamped the figure and film strips, coloured them and then added the plastic film strip to the stamps. After adding the film strips to each piece of cardboard, I added the figure to the smaller piece, which I then attached to the larger one. Done!


johanna said...

good idea to stamp the perrella stamp in blue! love all that layering and the filmstrips especially!

froebelsternchen Susi said...

oh wow.. that is completely on my way of taste!


missy k said...

Hi Jackie

I had fun catching up with all your posts. I smiled at the 'all mushrooms are edible - some only once!'

I have straight flat hair - I've always longed for curls!!! So that piece made me smile too :)

Thanks for your comment btw ... I have to confess to not being philosophical 100% of the time, especially when doing laundry or when it is trying to snow here today!!!

Karen x

Deborah said...

Fantastic tag, Jackie. Wonderful layering and I love those orange cheeks!

April Cole said...

"CARDBOARD!"... my favorite, love your wall hanging project. :]
This is a work of art!! ~xx
CHEERS!! This is incredible...

Silvia(Barnie) said...

A fabulous wall hanging, great use of the corrugated cardboard.

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