Thursday, 28 June 2012

Very occasionally, I create a page I absolutely hate and whatever I do to it makes it even worse. This is what happened to this one. It's been sitting there in my journal and every time I see it it grates on me.

Enough is enough! Out came the gesso - it had to change - and this is what it turned into. I like it now and the relics of the old background add substance to the new one.


Deborah said...

I kind of like it. I would have maybe added some kind of a body to your head and shoulders to balance the page out. It looks good in its new incarnation too though.

April Cole said...

Wow these are great, Jackie!
Honestly... there is visual "feeling" in them both, as you pushed through the process, I love that!! :]
These journal pages make me very happy!((hugs))

missy k said...

I have to constantly remind myself if I don't like something I can paint over it..... I love that the old page you didn't like is the base of your new loved page.

I love the words about the biscuit tin! Made me smile:)


Silvia(Barnie) said...

A wonderful change, the second page looks much better :)

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